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I love to create beautiful art that enhances a product or environment. That includes everything from contemporary tabletop and bedding, fun stationery supplies, to unique quilting collections and on-trend fashion accessories.

My strength is in product development. I have partnered with many manufacturers to bring their vision to life. I enjoy the process of hearing their challenges, studying their industry, learning what their customers want and discovering the creative inspirations that arise. And I love to collaborate!

"Cathy's work was exceptional and on point every step of the way. Our team had a difficult choice to decide what to choose from the breadth of work she provided."  read more
Target Audience Style Board

Target Audience Style Board

Cosmetics Packaging Concepts

I am most motivated when working on a specific challenge, so even when I am not on assignment, I tend to create my own assignments. I imagine the person who will fall in love with this print or collection and then I think about what she loves, where she shops, where she would put this product, etc. I often create customer boards or style boards to bring the direction to life. My clients find these inspirational and helpful. 

Have an idea that needs to be developed?

Or know exactly what you want but need an artist’s creative insight? I can help with the initial concept stages, all the way through to final designs, custom-made for your product and industry. And I can provide the digital work, right down to production-ready files. Check out some of my past projects below.

let's talk!

I would love to discuss opportunities to work together. Please contact me to chat about your next project. Or start by checking out my portfolio of prints available for license or purchase. Thanks!

Organic Crib Mattress Pattern Design Project

Final Organic Crib Mattress Designs

Final Organic Crib Mattress Designs

Trend Report inspired designs for Girls' Back-To-School Product Line (see sample following)

Final Girls'"Designer" Lock Box

Office File Folder Designs

Wrapping Paper with Coordinated Message Graphics

Collection of Decorator Duck Tape Designs

6' Custom Wall Decor for Technologies Company